The Guild of Sword and Shadow

Last time with the Guild of Sword and Shadow...
Season 2, Episode 3
  • Malcer Greystorm went to the library to research “all of the things,” but instead he had to roll and could only learn about “a certain number of things,” more specifically: 9 things. While there, he was attacked by drow assassins, and managed to escape thanks to his hippogriff mount, Bruce, and the newly undead Claudio Linnino, who took a few arrows in the back for him.
  • Thoradin Battlehammer was confronted by an old friend/enemy/frienemy, Morldug Ironfist, who challenged him to the time-honored Lost Mountain Dwarf tradition of “drink fighting,” which is exactly what it sounds like. After taking a serious hit in the first couple of rounds, Thoradin came back and whomped Morldug’s drunk ass, forcing him to vomit in the street, to the cheers of the onlookers.
  • Slurry laid down a sick beat for Sir Drinky Fighty Battlehammer.
  • Dawn Lightwhisper and Anastrianna Nailo both went to the Horsehead Tavern to meet Dawn’s criminal contact, Fabreo, to try to get maps of the tunnels connecting Neverwinter and Luskan. Unfortunately, they were waylaid by a powerful crimelord, a “Mr. Niska,” who disemboweled a man right in front of them. He seemed slightly perturbed that he’d broker a contract for Dawn to kill Malcer, and Dawn had made Malcer her “best friend.” With some quick talking, Anastrianna managed to convince Niska NOT to kill them, but instead to offer them a job.
  • Evelyn discovered that the staff of Helm’s Hold goes home for the evening (who’d a thunk it, eh?). She also galloped all over the city and maybe tried to seduce the goliath warden of Helm’s Hold.
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