Sildar Hallwinter

Lord's Alliance Representative in Phandalin


Attention Guild of Sword and Shadow:

We began our grand adventures chasing the first of what would be many failures by the disgraced knight, Sildar Hallwinter. This letter is to serve as notice of my intentions toward this self-righteous buffoon of a man, in light of his most recent in a long string of insults to our Guild.

Let us start at the beginning…

Sildar Hallwinter had been sent from Neverwinter in early Springtide as escort for Gundren Rockseeker on a trip to Phandalin, where his ultimate goal was to bring a rogue evil mage to justice.

In short, he failed as an escort, and then, in failing to capture the evil mage, he seemed almost bent on keeping us from succeeding where he failed…

Finding the Brave Knight passed out on the floor of a cave, captured and held hostage, bested by a meagre handful of halfwit goblin, we saved his life, as befitting heroes of our stature and ability.

We returned the shattered husk of a man to Phandalin, where we set about solving the innumerable problems to which the Disgraced Knight would later contribute.

Capturing the rogue Lord’s Alliance mage, Iarno Albrecht, and exterminating his cohort of brigands, we entrusted the villain to the ostensibly capable Sildar Hallwinter. Mere minutes later, on hearing rumors from a nun, he abandoned his charge to confront his erstwhile saviors. (This would be the first instance in pattern neglect of duty that would eventually prove fatal for two young men of the Town Watch). But who can blame him? Iarno Albrecht was a turncoat evil mage, committed to dark arts and slaughter, but this nun said someone used her chapel brazier! Clearly a reflection of the Good Knight’s priorities and common sense.

In being called out for this neglect, Hallwinter indicated that he was prepared to draw blood in a town square to defend his gross incompetence. Let us hope he has the same brainless arrogance today.

Days later, Iarno Albrecht, still in the charge of Sildar Hallwinter, escaped his spell-proof cell, killing his two young jailors in the process. Where was Hallwinter at the time? We can only speculate. Were it not for his earlier demonstrated willingness to neglect the one task he had left to perform, we might have reason to believe he was an active participant in the jailbreak.

After the devastation of Phaldalin by the demon Treyun Galanadel, Hallwinter, on Death’s doorstep, was saved yet again by the Guild of Sword and Shadow. (We’ll leave mostly untold how the Guild then defeated and subjugated the demon, saving the town and perhaps greater Faerun from the inevitable and wicked predations of a fey elven demi-god with access to a spell forge…)

And how does the Goodly Knight return this double life-debt and incalculable service to the realm?

By arresting the Guild’s most civic-minded member, Dawn Lightwhisper, ending her quest to provide cavalry to the Town Watch. This, the same Dawn Lightwhisper who funded Town Master Nailo’s casino with her own gold in exchange for securing the town a five percent share in the casino’s profits. The same Dawn Lightwhisper, for those keeping track, also saw the Town Watch armed, and later trained by Daran Edernath (a true servant of the realm) to protect the town in perpetuity.

And adding insult to injury, Hallwinter declared to Dawn that he was using this arrest to reestablish his credibility after his massive and repeated bungling of the Albrecht affair.

Members of the Guild, this cannot and will not stand. I intend to copy this grievance to the Lord’s Alliance through Lord Neverember, calling for Hallwinter to renounce his knighthood, and all titles and benefits thereto appertaining. He will then commit himself to lifelong service of the poor in Phandalin. He will do all this voluntarily, or he will face me in single combat, where I will see his knighthood dissolved through surrender or death.

Yours in righteous vengeance,

Thoradin Battlehammer

Sildar Hallwinter

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